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No, not all Ecstasy pills have ketamine in them, although some of them do. Ecstasy (MDMA) pills are rarely pure MDMA. Usually, they are cut with some form of speed (amphetamines or methamphetamines), but they can also be cut with cocaine, ketamine, or heroin or other opiates.

Since nobody is regulating the production of Ecstasy, there are thousands of different kinds of Ecstasy, and each kind comes and goes. Someone could write a very good answer about what kinds of pills have ketamine in them, and six months later, those types of pills wouldn't even exist anymore.

Furthermore, unless you buy a pill-testing kit, there is no way to really know what's in the Ecstasy you're taking. For example, someone might tell you, "the pale green pills with the smiley-faces stamped into them do not have ketamine." Even if you manage to find some Ecstasy that looks like that, it could be from a completely different batch that was cut with ketamine.

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Q: Is there ketamine in all Ecstasy if not what pills don't have it?
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Do all ecstasy pills taste the same?

yes they all do.. when you chew them you get the thizz facee

How many can you take before you over dose on ecstasy pills?

it all depends on you as a person.

How many ectasy pills is 4.5 pounds?

There's no way to truly tell because all ecstasy pills weigh a different amount. I suggest taking 1 ecstasy pill, weighing it, and then multiplying the weight until you get your answer.

Is all extacy round with an imprint in it or can they be cut out?

Not all ecstasy pills are round with an imprint. Some ecstasy pills can be cut into different shapes or forms. It's essential to be cautious when consuming any substances obtained outside of a legitimate source.

What is the names of all the drugs in the world?

marijuana,cannabis,ecstasy,LSD,cocaine,methamphetamine,herion,mushrooms also knowen as mushys or magicmushrooms,steriods,tabacco,alchole,ketamine,

How many ecstasy pills you need to roll?

One is all it takes. If you take more it will only increase your roll.

What do ecstasy pills taste like?

Depends really. When you get an awesome tab (ecstasy) it taste like complete crap. You can tell you you get a good tab by the taste. The nastier it taste the better the roll will be. But either way all tabs (ecstasy) taste completely nasty.

What colour is ecstasy pills?

Pressed pills sold as Ecstasy are colored by the food color dyes they use when creating large batches of pills. These are often used to distinguish 1 batch of pills (yellow) from a later created batch (blue), but can have the same logo (stamp) from the pressing process.

How many types of ecstasy pil?

If you mean how many types of ecstacy pills are there, there are quite a few actually coming in all shapes, sizes, color, and imprint. You can find some on that's where I find all the info about my pills...

Do ecstasy pills have names on them?

no, but all tablets have little symbols pressed into them, kinda like the brand. i always buy the tabs with the batman symbol on it.

Is speed and ecstasy the same drug?

Mdma and ecstasy are not the same thing. Ecstasy is a combination with other drugs like piperzine, bzp, ampthetamines, pcp, etc and small or no parts of MDMA, (be careful with these pills). MDMA, is pure form of "ecstasy", that is usually given in powder or a capsule. It is said that MDMA pure lasts for about 2 hours max. while ecstasy pressed tablets last longer because of the other combinations.

What are the various drugs that fit into ecstasy?

'Good' pills will contain only MDMA or MDA, fillers, and binders. In reality, most pills are cut with caffeine or amphetamine. Some pills do not contain any MDMA or MDA at all. Some pills have small amounts of ketamine in them (though ingesting such a small amount would hardly do anything) Pills containing piperazines such as BZP and TFMPP are quite common in the US. They pose a danger as they throw the body's temperature control out of whack. Overheating is a problem. To counter some of the claims you may read, no pill has ever been found containing cocaine, and I believe only 1 pill has ever been found containing heroin.