Why is rapper husalah in jail?

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2010-03-12 19:48:44

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Husalah got caught with some pills. Either Thizz (ecstasy) or oxy pills and he got caught with a couple of pistols. Doing about 5 years i believe, but he'll be getting out in 2010 or 2011 depending on if he does well in lock-up. Whoever gave that answer is a jackass! That is not the reason he is in jail???? He's a changed man now so why he's there is not important if you dont know then its not meant for you to know....

Husalah Got caught up with 15 killos of pure cocain. Maybe guns to who really knows

the real question is how is he not still in prison???? even with a lawyr he laced up his scetchers and siad somthing!!! I belive he snitched in some way shape or form!!! He might have some talent but the way he glorifys guns dope and money he has is so going with the norm or what every one else raps about. I dont think he is goiong to change!! especially cause all his new songs suck!! Bad karma from snitching and his crapy new lyrics will kill his fan base!!! I wish Mac dre were still alive Husalah was sick back then!!! He might as well have died a mob figure not a snitch

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2010-03-12 19:48:44
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Q: Why is rapper husalah in jail?
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