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yes it can. the Birth Control tricks your body into thinking you are pregnant. that's why you don't get your period for a while. the lactation part happens due to the hormones that the birth control have. so some lactation can occur.

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Q: Can taking birth control cause lactation?
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Will taking birth control cause miscarriage?

No it will not.

Will taking someone elses birth control pill make you infertile?

Birth control pills do not cause infertility.

Can drinking while on birth control affect you and cause pregnancy?

No it can't as long as you are taking your birth control pills as instructed and not missing any. Marcy

Does birth control pills causes mental issues?

yes. some birth control can cause dipression and please stop taking the birth control and talk to your local doctor if any simptoms continue

Should you have your period soon if you take two birth control toghetet?

Taking two birth contol pills will not cause a period. It may cause nausea.

Can birth control cause heavy menstrual bleeding Should I continue taking my birth control?

Birth control pills should stop your menstrual bleeding. I would suggest you stop the pills and talk to your doctor

Birth control's affect on teens that just began puberty and are taking pills?

You should not mix pills with your birth control pills. This candamage your insides or cause your birth control to be ineffective. Mixing pills is dangerous.

Can taking 4 days of birth control pills and then quitting cause a skipped period the following month?

Yes, 4 days of birth control can cause an irregular period as the birth control messes up your hormones and throws your body's natural rhythm out of whack.

Can starting birth control cause two periods in one month?

It's possible that breakthrough bleeding could occur as result of taking birth control pills.

Can taking 5 birth control pills get rid of your period?

Taking five birth control pills may stop your period or may cause irregular bleeding. it may also cause nausea and headaches. Contact your health care provider or pharmacist for information specific to your pill.

Does birth control cause odor?

no, this is just a rumor such as gaining weight and sending hormonal messages to men that your taking birth control...these are all rumors

Will Zylene cause breakthrough bleeding if you are on birth control?

Yes, see this short article on just that subject