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It's possible that breakthrough bleeding could occur as result of taking Birth Control pills.

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Q: Can starting birth control cause two periods in one month?
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If at 17 not sexually active but should they go on birth control to regulate myself?

No. Actually when starting birth control it can cause your periods to be irregular at first.

Can exercise cause spotting between your periods even if you are on birth control?

Yes it can.

Can girls get rid of periods?

Periods will become frequent with certain birth control medicines, but they also can cause infertiliy.

Can malnutrition cause spotting between periods even if you are on birth control?

Being on the pill can cause spotting between periods, called breakthrough bleeding.

Is it ok if your period stops before starting the next pack of birth control pills?

Yes, BCPs can even cause periods to stop completely. Continue with pills as directed.

What can cause lighter periods?

Birth control can help to make your period lighter, and a tad quicker.

What would cause breakthrough bleeding in between periods while taking birth control pills?

fibriod tumors

If you miss a few days on birth control how soon can you tell if you are pregnant?

You can find out in about one week. You should keep testing frequently. The birth control may cause you to have less periods.

If your on birth control and you dont have periods why would my vagina be bleeding?

all birth control methods apart fom condoms can cause irregular break through bleeding. it is normal

What would cause bleeding a week early?

The following will cause early bleeding: * Irregular period * Pregnancy * UTI * Hormonal Imbalance * Stopping birth control * Starting birth control

What could cause a 2nd period in the middle of a pack of birth control pills?

Hi, The following can cause too many periods while on birth control. * The doseage of birth control not being high enough for you. * Wrong type of birth control for you. * Missed birth control pill(s). * Pregnancy. * Urinary tract infection. Please note this is advice only and should not be used in place of a medical experts.

What is the cause of bleeding in between periods while on birth control?

birth control manipulates your hormones to prevent pregnancy....your body is trying to normalize. you may need a higher dose pill. check with GYN doctor