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No sterile lubricant does not effect sperm.

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Q: Can sterile lubricant kills the sperm?
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Clear sperm is that sterile?

No. Sperm is "invisible" and you can only see it under a microscope. If there's NO sperm at all, then you're sterile.

Can semen live in a condom and if yes for how long?

Most condoms today have a lubricant which includes a spermicide that kills sperm instantly. Temperature and exposure to air are other factors that can kill sperm almost immediately as well.

What are the consequences not having sperm?

Sterile = No sperm. No sperm = No biological kids.

What is sterile sperm?

Sterile sperm, also known as azoospermia, refers to a condition where there is no sperm present in the semen. This can be due to a blockage preventing sperm from being released or a problem with sperm production in the testes. It can cause infertility in males.

How does spermicidal lube work?

Spermicidal lubricant doesn't protect against STDS like HIV or gonorrhea, first of all. Spermical lube makes things slippery and kills 90% of sperm.

How can a male damage sperm or become sterile?

If a man practice handjob regularly during his teenage, then his sperm count is reduced to such an extent that he may become sterile.

After he cums you feel all wet is this the sperm?

It's a combination of his ejaculate (which is mostly sperm) and your natural lubricant. Some women produce a good deal more of this lubricant than others!

How can you tell if your husband is sterile?

see a urologist and have his sperm tested

If a man's sperm is like water does that mean he is sterile? does

Can a hot tub make a guy sterile?

Not sterile but it can surely reduce the viability of your sperm. The testicular sac is situated outside the body for just this purpose. The heat weakens the sperm mobility.

Can surgical lubricant sterile can also be used as a personal lubricant as well?

Yes it actually works very well only downside is the not so pleasing hospital smell enjoy!

Could you sterilize a big cat with a house cats sperm?

No. House cat sperm is not sterile to begin with.