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The answer is yes but many people hope it will never happen.

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Q: Can nukes destroy the whole entire planet?
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What was the power of nukes?

The power of the nukes that they can suriously explode and can kill more than 10 million people and eventionally can destroy the whole entire planet.

Are nuclear weapons scary?

Yes. Nuclear weapons are very scary and they can seriously destroy the whole World. This means that they can destroy the whole planet.

Who is the hottest guy on the whole entire planet?

Greyson. Chance!!

Could final flash destroy a whole planet?

Well, considering Trunks shouted "you're going to destroy the planet, father" right before Vegeta attacked Cell, yes it could.

Is the a bomb that can kill the whole world?

A cobalt bomb could destroy an entire country.

What do nukes look like?

nukes look like rockets well big ones.PS DO YOU KNOW HOW A GIANT ROCKET LOOKS LIKE. Did you know that a nuke can destroy THE WHOLE PROVINE OF ONTARIO (APPROX)The nuke is tall as the CN tower(apprx)and the war head is 100 meters tall (approx)

Military technology affects the world?

It affects the world when abused because it can destroy the whole planet. It can destroy the people and the environment.

Can Nuclear weapons destroy the entire earth?

yes and no depending on how much nuclear bombs it can start a ice age like the asteroid that hit earth so its not enough to destroy the earth

Can anything live on Mars?

They are still checking if there is because they found ice on there so there are going to check the whole entire planet.

Do mother earth needs a hero?

Yes, mother earth do needs a hero. A hero to save the whole entire planet.

Without the first amendment, people would be able to?

People would just be able to not do anything. It would lock up the whole process and all the people in the country would start hating everything, and how if there would even be states after that. It would just be a free for all for murder, sin, and vice. If that's what people want, maybe, but it would rip the whole planet in half and nobody likes that. Basically because the amount of war that could happen here in this country is insane, like nukes going off for years and years it would destroy the planet.

Why is the entire earth called the largest ecological system?

Because the whole planet is an ecological system, everything else is just a subsystem.