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with the right help it is posibel that marijuana can leave you systoem in two weeks

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Q: Can marijuana get out your system in two weeks?
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How log does marijuana stay in your system if you second hand smoke?

two weeks

How can you detox from marijuana in two weeks?

There is a2 week detox system that can be purchased from gnc. And also a 2 day detox drink

Can marijuana get out of your system in 20 days if you haven't smoked it in about 3 weeks?

can majuwnana get out of your system in 20 days if u havent smoked it in about 3 weeks

How long will marijuana stay in the system of a 94lb 5'2 person who has not smoked in two weeks but was a daily user?

If you were a daily smoker, up to 6 months.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if your not a regular user?

If you are Not a regular user Marijuana can still stay in your system for up to Ten Days its 6 weeks numb nut

How long does marijuana take to be out of your system if smoked last week?

1-2 Weeks

3 weeks is marijuana gone out your system?

it takes 28 days to come out of your system to show up in a urine sample

How long can marijuana be detected with a oral drug test?

two weeks it depens

How long does marijuana remain in the body's fat cells after its use?

Marijuana takes about 2 to 6 weeks (or a month, on average) to completely leave your system.

Can two partners that smoke marijuana still have a child?

Yes. Marijuana doesn't affect the reproductive system.

How long in system after two weeks of smoking marijuana?

Well If you have a lot of fat it may stay in the system for about 40 days depending on how many times you smoke but if your in some what of descent shape maybe 20-30 days.

How can you pass a marijuana drug test in about two weeks if the last time you smoked was two days ago?

you can't.