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You should be fine.

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Q: Can i swim 2 weeks after getting a helix piercing?
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How long should you wait to swim after getting a belly button piercing?

2-3 months

Can you swim after tongue piercing?


Is it bad if you get a belly piercing and swim after a couple weeks?

Yes, because your piercing is still healing and open to bacteria. I would wait at least TWO months.

Can you go swimming in the ocean with a new cartilage piercing?

Nope. Wait 2-3 months to swim with a new piercing.

When can you swim after a belly piercing?

I would wait 3-6 months.

Can you swim after 3 weeks of having your ears pierced?

Yes you can just be sure to rinse the piercing out under cool clean water after swimming, might be a good idea to give them a little cleaning while you are at it.

Can you swim in the sea after a nose piercing?

well, i did the day i got mine pierced.

Can you swim when you first pierce your nose?

Yes just wash the piercing out once you are done.

Can you swim with a navel piercing?

It depends on how old the piercing is. The chlorine that is in pools can dry it out and severely irritate it, so if it is still fresh (under 4 weeks old) I would not advise swimming yet. Under 4 weeks is a critical time in the healing process and you want everything to go smoothly.

Can you swim after you get your nose ring?

Sure you can but you need to remember to wash the piercing out after you are done swimming for the day.

How do you swim to Japan?

There is no possible way to swim to Japan without getting lost.

How long when you get a belly button piercing can you swim?

By that i guess you are asking how longs after the piercing do you have to wait?? If so, I was told 1 week before swimming in chlorinated swimming pools