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It's perfectly safe. Eventually you will be too big and the belly will be hard so you will automatically sleep on the side.

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Q: Can i lay on my stomach if I am pregnant?
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Does it mean your pregnant if it hurts to lay on stomach?

if your asking for an early sign "no" it would not hurt your stomache to lay on it, could be gas

How do you know if your fighting fish is Pregnant?

Depends on the fish. Some lay eggs immediately during fertilization, so they aren't ever "pregnant". On livebearers like guppies, a swollen abdomen or enlarged gravity spot are the most common signs.

How do you lay while pregnant?

you should not lay on your stomach. your should lay on which ever side is most comfortable but your left side is a whole lot better for baby

When you lay down why do you hear your heart beat in your stomach?

I as always told i could be pregnant! But no its not because your pregnant its because your heart beats trhough your whole body, when you lay down you can feel it better! But its not a sign of pregnant

Why do you feel so much pressure on your stomach and kinda feel Sick to your stomach?

I'm scared everytime i lay on my stomach it hurts. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

Can you sleep or lay on your stomach if your 8 weeks pregnant?

you can but its not best not to because I do it some times but i didn't mean to

Why does a pregnant woman stomach growl?

i am 5months pregnant lady. i am look at no pregnant or not stomach. what is the reason

Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

Can sucking in your stomach while pregnant be harmful?

How long you need to lay down in the bed after intercource to get pregnant?

You don't have to lay down after intercourse to get pregnant.

What are some stomach exercises for pregnant women?

Before beginning any exercise program, especially when pregnant, you need to speak with your doctor. While pregnant, it is important to avoid all exercises that require you to lay flat on your back. One option is a standing abdominal crunch.

What is the safest position in which babies should sleep?

Not on it's stomach. If you lay a baby to sleep on it's stomach it has the chance of suficating to death. DO NOT LAY YOUR BABY ON IT'S STOMACH WHEN SLEEPING!

I am twenty-four weeks pregnant and have stomach pains when you touch my stomach?

Call your health care provider now if you are pregnant with stomach pain.