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if your asking for an early sign "no" it would not hurt your stomache to lay on it, could be gas

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2009-03-11 05:49:51
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Q: Does it mean your pregnant if it hurts to lay on stomach?
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Why do you feel so much pressure on your stomach and kinda feel Sick to your stomach?

I'm scared everytime i lay on my stomach it hurts. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

What does it mean when you lay on your stomach and it hurts?

It means u don't lay on it

Can you sleep or lay on your stomach if your 8 weeks pregnant?

you can but its not best not to because I do it some times but i didn't mean to

What should you eat if your stomach hurts?

You should not eat anything at all and you should probably lay down on your stomach

What do you do when your stomach hurts really bad you that it hurts when you lay down?

take deep breaths and try to relax if vomiting occurs call your doctor

When your pregnant does it hurt when you lay on your stomach?

Yes it does your putting pressure and wheight on the baby

How do you lay while pregnant?

you should not lay on your stomach. your should lay on which ever side is most comfortable but your left side is a whole lot better for baby

When you lay down why do you hear your heart beat in your stomach?

I as always told i could be pregnant! But no its not because your pregnant its because your heart beats trhough your whole body, when you lay down you can feel it better! But its not a sign of pregnant

How do you cure sore stomach muscles?

lay down in a ball of if it hurts when you stretch out lay down and stay for a little bit untill you are felling better i hope this works because it worked for me

Is it ok if you lay on your stomach if im 2 months pregnant?

yes the baby is not big enough to be effected by this

Do chinchillas lay on their side?

because it hurts to lay down compleatly

Is it okay to lay on your stomach if your six weeks pregnant?

Yes, but not for too long. You will know when it is not ok because you wont be able to do it.

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