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yes they do

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Q: Can guys say mean things when they are jealous?
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If a Guy Makes fun of my legs and Girls tell me i have cute legs to be a guy does it mean?

The guys probably don't say things to be mean. They are probably just teasing you and are jealous cause the girls like your legs.

Do guys really mean their sweet talking?

It depends. Not all guys are the same. Some are honest, and mean it when they say sweet things. Others are, unfortunately, dishonest and may not mean what they say, at least not all of the time.

Do guys say negative things and mean it after a breakup or if they are just mad?

Many guys become bipolar when they listen about their break up and they mean what they say because they are really moved with it and can do anything to get their girl back.

When guys say they love you as a friend could it mean more?

Truthfully, there is no answer. It could mean so many things though.

Why are guys who do not have visible six pack totally totally even totally jealous if girls have them?

because they think he should have one not her, shelfish if you ask me,but girls with six pack are so beautiful and if men or women insult them then they should look at theirselves and see how nasty and jealous they are,if the guy who hates girls with six packs has a six pack himself then he's selfish,if he has not he's jealous,as for women who say bad things well they are just plain jealous and mean

What does it mean when a guy says he is jealous when you complement another guy or when you do not ask him to lunch in a joking way?

To be quite honest sometimes guys say it in a joking way, but they actually mean what they had said.. chances are he likes you. Hope I helped. :]

What are signs of a guy you aren't dating jealous of your guy friends?

From personal experience I'd have to say glaring, staring at you and then at them, leaving when they come around, and other things similar to that. It's pretty easy to tell in some cases. Surprisingly though, girls seem to get much more jealous then guys do. Guys are much more quiet about their jealousy while girls make their misery known to the world. The more bold guys who are jealous might waltz up to you and start talking over the other guys or try to get your attention. It's pretty unusual in my experience when that happens though.

What does it mean when someone tells you not even after you say I am jealous?

I think it means that the person saying it thinks he won't even be jealous after the other person says they're jealous.

What is up with guys and gender discrim towards girls?

I'm guessing that you mean they say mean stuff about girls all the time, and such. Well, I think they think they're superior, and that is a stereotype (girls usually appear helpless in the media and the men come in to save them or things like that, etc.). I find it to be unfair, everyone is equal. Plus, they say mean things all the time. Guys can be mean, but so can girls..... Sometimes guys are mean because they like a girl so I have heard.

How do you say jealous in German?

jealous = eifersüchtig jealous = neidisch

Why do guys get mad when they say they dont care but when they see you with another guy its a problem?

They're obviously jealous but just don't wanna show it.

When a guys says you can text me later if you want do guys actually mean what they say?