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No eating late doesn't matter what matters is duration between sleep and meal if you sleep as soon as you have dinner your body can't digest it properly so you will gain weight.

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Eating anything at any time can make you gain weight.

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Q: Can eating late make you gain weight?
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Does eating patatos make you gain weight?

Eating too much food and not getting enough exercise is what makes you gain weight.

does eating apples make you gain weight?

Eating food in general will make you gain weight. Apples are not a fatty food, though, so eating an apple or two a day isn't going to make you gain weight faster than you're going to burn it off.

Does ice eating make you gain weight?


Does late night cause you to gain weight?

No it doesn't make you gain wait

Does eating after you are sick make you gain more weight?

Some illnesses can make you lose weight. Returning to normal eating habits will make you gain back what you lost, but usually not any more.

Should you be worried if you gain weight after eating?

Not really. Of course eating food will make you gain some weight, especially when the food is still inside of you. As long as the weight gain is not consistant or significant (as in, exercsie to kepp a constant and steady weight), then it is fine.

Does high altitude make you gain weight?

No. Continuously eating more calories than you use up is what makes you gain weight.

Does nutrament make you gain weight?

yes nutraments do make you gain weight if your drinking them while your eating your daily meals. they have a pretty high calorie count.

How does eating a lot of salt and drinking a lot of water make you gain weight?

It is not correct, filling the stomach with water is not a true weight gain.

Does eating chipotle make you gain a lot of weight?

yes indeed it healthy to

Does eating bannanas make you gain weight?

A medium banana is roughly 110 calories, but it has an extremely high sugar count. With a balanced diet, bananas will not make you gain weight.

Do Burger King foods make you gain weight?

How did you type a complete sentence, yet not master the simple concept that eating Burger King does indeed make you gain weight?