Can drinking castor oil make you miscarry?

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2008-06-20 12:24:09

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Castorl Oil travels through your digestive system and acts as laxative if digested willproduce no effective side effect on your pregnenecy. First of why take castor oil when you are pregnenet??

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2008-06-20 12:24:09
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Q: Can drinking castor oil make you miscarry?
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Can drinking Castor oil make contractions stronger?

No, it can give you diarrohea though which is not something you want during labour

Will castor oil help abort a baby at 5weeks?

No. Castor oil can in some cases help start labor when you are fully gone.

WILL DRINKING castor oil HELP BRING ON LABOR IF YOUR 36 weeks pregnant?

, I am 40 weeks in on the 30th so only two days to go and have only JUST thought and looked up castor oil, I would definitely read up on it because at 36 weeks your baby is not ready otherwise pregnancy would only be for 36 weeks. If there is something wrong the doctor will talk to you about your options and you might definitely likely look at ANOTHER way to bring on the labor, but castor oil... it is disgusting!!! took it yesterday and has not done anything for me other than make me vomit and feel tired... It may work for you but to be HONEST I really wouldn't be selfish and take the castor oil, your lil one will come when they are ready to come... You can cause fetal distress and more... and is not recommended unless you have spoken to your midwife... at the stage you are at I have heard of a product called Pre-Birth which you can get at any Health Pharmacy, once again look it up but it is used earlier on and later in your pregnancy your midwife can do what is known as a stretch and sweep to help you along, but just ask them about it at your next appointment... All the best :)

Can drinking caster oil cause miscarriage?

It is good to take during pregnancy for women who are overdue and are tired of waiting. Caster oil will put you in labor.

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