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No, it can give you diarrohea though which is not something you want during labour

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2008-05-18 19:51:02
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Q: Can drinking Castor oil make contractions stronger?
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milk does make you stronger and water makes your hair healthy so start drinking!

You are 36 weeks pregnant with contractions for 2 weeks that are 4 minutes apart but aren't intense enough not dilated Should you try castor oil?

No, castor oil is a laxative and could make things worse. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

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Can drinking castor oil make you miscarry?

Castorl Oil travels through your digestive system and acts as laxative if digested willproduce no effective side effect on your pregnenecy. First of why take castor oil when you are pregnenet??

How you make castor oil from castor beans in home?

You can't.

How does milk make your bones stronger?

no it dont so stop drinking that nasty stuff no it dont so stop drinking that nasty stuff

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Dailiy drinking a cup of milk and feed some calcium make your bones stronger!

Does drinking hormonized milk increase your development?

yes. it makes you strong. it has calcium, helps make stronger bones

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Is and has contractions?

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Will castor oil make your water break?

Castor oil is a laxative and can cause cramping that can induce labor. Castor oil is not advised to be used by pregnant women.

I'm 37 weeks and went to the hospital's with contractions what can you do to dilate?

contractions are what make you dialate.

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