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If not cleaned properly, belly button rings can get infected.Bacteria can get inside and therefore infect the naval.The best way to treat it is to buy sea salt spray and clean it.

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Q: Can belly button rings get infected?
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Is it dangerous to scratch your belly button?

Yes. You could get a scratch in your belly button. Your belly button could get infected. Your belly button could bleed. If your belly button get infected you have to clean it with hydrogen peroxide rubbing alcohol iodine or antiseptic cream. If it doesn't heal after a week you have to see a doctor at the clinic or hospital.

Belly button rings?

completely yes

What do you do if belly button piercing get infected?

Go to your doctor.

Why does your belly button reject the belly ring?

A lot of people have extreme sensitivity to metallic piercings, meaning, jewelry that is not 100% gold or silver. If you're belly button ring is metal, especially nickel, that might be the case. You also must be sure to clean it well, at least twice a day. Belly button rings are infected very easily.

Fake belly button rings?

claires or ebay

Is it normal for the top of a belly button piercing to be black?

Not usually. It could either be infected or its just the belly button ring you are using.

What happens if your belly button is pierced and then you get pregnant?

You can either take out your jewelry, or you can purchase special belly button jewelry for pregnant women, which are simply referred to as pregnancy belly button rings.

What causes the belly button to change colors after being pierced?

It is infected!

Is it easier for your belly button to get infected after you get it repierced?

Nope. Just the same.

What kind of jewelry is required for belly button piercing?

Belly button rings. If you look at your local jewllers, they should have some in stock for you to look at:).

Can you get a belly button ring if you have an inny?

I have a inny and i have mine pierced. innys are cuter with belly button rings anyway.. it looks funny with a outie.

Where can you buy a John Deere belly button rings?

Check out this link.