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No. Some men get their penis / testicles pierced and they are not sterile. But aside from that, your belly button is NOT a reproductive organ. So you cannot become sterile from piercing your bellybutton.

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Q: Can belly button piercings make you sterile?
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Do belly button piercings make you gain weight?

No they don't.

What happens if you play with your belly button?

nothing will happen unless u have lint (gross) in ur belly button ull make it (ur belly button) cleaner!!

Can you make your belly button stick out?

yes you can, but it won't stay out for ever, i get mine out because i have a belly button fetish,and i love it.

Why is your navel important?

For many, the belly button is a central focus of the abdomen. The belly button may be small, but it does make a difference. While it may not be necessary for living, a missing belly button just looks strange.

How do you make your belly button come out?

You can press around it/the belly part and then start to cave in an then grap it

Can you make your belly button pop out?

It is possible. I can do it by pushing down on both sides of my belly button. I can't get it to stay out without tying it up, but some people can.

If you pierce your belly button does it make it more painful to give birth?


Can you ride motorbikes with your belly button pierced?

yes. It doesn't make a difference

What is the function of tuna?

the function of tuna is to wipe it on your belly button to make it smoother

Why does Lady Gaga show her belly button on stage?

To make guys love her

How do you make a fake belly button bar?

Things you need : Charm / sticker diamond Bead Toothpaste first you have to get all your stuff Then put toothpaste on your bead and stick it inside your belly button After you have done that you have to put toothpaste on your charm ect and stick it just above your belly button Then leave it to dry Make sure to put on nail stiffer to make it stay on

How do you make your belly button pop out?

you cant. you either have a inny or a outy and that happens from your embellicord