Can being sick affect your menstrual cycle?

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Yes, being sick can affect your menstrual cycle by making your period late. Stress, whether good or bad, can have the same effect.

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Q: Can being sick affect your menstrual cycle?
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Why you feel so weak and someimes sick after menstrual period is finished?

What do I feel sick and weak after my menstrual cycle is over

Why have i not had a period in 6 months and im not pregnant?

Sometimes your diet can affect your period. Many women with eating disorders such as anorexia stop having their period, which isn't healthy. Also, sometimes being sick can affect your menstrual cycle. I would confront a doctor about your concerns.

Can being sick or being medicated affect a menstrual cycle?

The simple answer is yes. As the menstruac cycle is controlled by hormones many things can throw it off balance such as illness, stress, some medications, or wight changes (trying a new diet?). even being in close quarters with other women can cause synchronazition of menstal cycles. hope this helps comming from a guy.

Can having a cold effect your menstrual cycle?

No , unless you lose a signifigant amount of weight - this can cause late periods or you may skip a period. How ever if you don't have any medical conditions that affect your period when your sick then it shouldn't do much.

Can being sick affect your period?

It depends on the sickness

Why can a menstrual period be late?

Anything up to a weeks variation from your average menstrual cycle is normal, so although menstruation may be later than predicted it's not necessarily 'late'. Most common causes of late periods are stress and ill-health such as being sick around the time you should have ovulated.

Can being sick affect you washing dishes?

No, wear rubber gloves.

Is it normal to like the smell of your period?

not really, but it might just be your menstrual cycle I Know it sounds sick but lick it too then tell me if u still like the smell.

How does being a vegan affect most people?

They lose weight and get sick less!

Can Alice Cullen have periods?

That's a sick question. And I'm sick enough to know the answer. No, when a female is turned into a vampire, their body stops changing, so of course their menstrual cycle is no more. So in answer to your question, no, Alice Cullen cannot have periods.

When was Sick Cycle Carousel created?

Sick Cycle Carousel was created on 2001-06-04.

Is it a pregnancy symptom to not have your menstrual cycle for a month and be sick?

i think that that is a real symptom. if you have had more then 3 of the signs of being preago and you havent had a cyle then if i were yiu i would go get a take home test,if that's a negative then go to the doctor gril. hope all gose well

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