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What do I feel sick and weak after my menstrual cycle is over

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Q: Why you feel so weak and someimes sick after menstrual period is finished?
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Why do i have menstrual cramps for 2 weeks before I get my period i am not pregnant?

It's not menstrual cramp but it can feel that way. You are ovulating and some women notice none of this and others do.

How do you tell if you have menstrual cramps?

When you are feeling that you might get your period and see a little bit of spotting on your panties ....or you feel a bubbly sensation in your stomach

Why does it feel like after running a mile you feel like you have menstrual cramps while your running when your not on your period?

Did you drink water before running? Cuz that'll happen if you do.

Are stomach pains while pregnant the same as period pains?

Contractions feel like menstrual cramps. If you're pregnant and feel like you have menstrual cramps, call your doctor or go to the hospital. I have 4 children myself. There is no better way to describe the onset of labor than it feels like you are getting ready to start your period.

Can you feel menstrual fluid drip out?

Yes, you can feel menstrual flow leaving your body. It's just the same as with discharge, you can feel the fluid leaving your body - menstrual flow is often heavier and warmer than discharge.

What should it feel like after you have a DNC?

A D&C is done for many reasons. After a D&C there may be cramping, similar to that of a menstrual period. You could also feel tired immediately post op.

i have menstual-type cramps but haven't had a period for 14 yrs. my stools are a little bit mucusy and i feel crampy and tired?

i have menstrual-type cramps but i am post menopausal. i feel a burning sensation in my bladder. my stools are mucusy and i feel cold and tired.. should i get checked out

Do women athletes have normal menstrual cycle?

Yes as long as they take care of themselves and eat so their bodies feel good. They know it's a warning sign if the period goes away.

My class is going to a swimming pool and I'm having my period during then. I don't feel comfortable wearing a tampon. What should my excuse be?

You don't need to have an 'excuse' just tell your class and teacher you're on your period - being female is not something you have to hide! The sooner you get past this idea that your period is a big shameful secret the easier your life will be! If you don't feel comfortable using tampons there are other options like menstrual sponges, menstrual cups, or softcups that you can use too.

Why is the body feeling lightheaded 2 days after a menstrual cycle?

It happens to me every time starting the last day of my period (3 days after period starts). I read that it has to do with the hormones estrogen and progesterone falling after your period ends. I also get a headache, feel a lot colder, and very hungry during this time.

How is your cervix supposed to look like and feel during a period?

Your cervix during menstruation will be lower in your vagina, also firm and closed. If you were to feel your cervix or bump it the cervix may be more sensitive during menstruation so you may feel a menstrual cramp type sensation. If you search for Beautiful Cervix Project you'll find a great web site with photos of the cervix throughout the menstrual cycle which can help you figure out how your cervix looks and what it might feel like during menstruation.

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