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No, your charger will have to be a Toshiba charger

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2014-09-10 06:11:32
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Q: Can any laptop charger charge toshiba laptop?
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Where could one find a replacement charger for a Toshiba laptop?

The sites that have the Toshiba replacement charger are online & at any store that sales laptops for Toshiba. At these site they have many Toshiba equipment.

Where can one find replacement Toshiba laptop chargers?

The easiest place to find replacement Toshiba laptop chargers is online, at a website such as Amazon, where it is simple to find the charger required by your computer. You can also find replacement chargers at any electronics store.

Where can one purchase a Toshiba laptop case?

A person can purchase a Toshiba laptop case from any store that sells laptops and their accessories. Some stores that sell Toshiba laptop cases include Walmart and Sears.

How do you charge your laptop if you lost the charger?

If you lost your charger, first shut down your computer immediately, then you can go to amazon, eBay, or any computer retailer/repair store and buy a specific charger if you can for your computer.

How do you zoom out on a Toshiba laptop?

Zooming in or out on a Toshiba laptop is very easy to do. You can just use ctrl + or ctrl - to use the zoom feature for any page.

How can you charge the battery on your ipod?

The cord that plugs into your Ipod and your Computer is the charger :) Hope this answered your question. Just plug it into a usb port on any computer/ laptop and it will begin to charge.

Can i use any lap top charger in any lap top?

No, you have to use the laptop charger which is supplied with the computer

How do you restore toshiba laptop computer as new?

just go to for any recovery needs including the toshiba ones

Are Toshiba laptops a good make?

Toshiba is a good laptop to running Microsoft Office and one that has a good battery life. There are many online shops that sell Toshiba laptops. is one of online shop that sells Toshiba laptop with any kind of models. You can visit

How durable is a Toshiba notebook laptop?

The Toshiba notebook laptop doesn't have an estimated time for its durability. Like any laptop if its well taken care of and updated on a regular basis it can go on for a really long time like if it was new.

Does the Sony Vaio laptop charger work for any other laptops not associated with Sony?

Most laptop chargers are interchangeable as is the charger for the Sony Vaio. Providing the adapter has the same input cable cord, one should have no problems using a Vaio laptop charger on a different laptop.

Can you purchase a battery charger for your 2008 dodge charger?

sure, you can buy a battery charger that will charge any car battery.

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