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Also, there are no serial numbers on this shotgun but there are a series of dates, 1900, 19001 and it says Browning patents - manufactured at Remington arms - How can I date this gun?

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Q: Can an old Browning A5 made to eject paper cartridges be upgraded for modern ammo?
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Your Keltec PLR-16 pistol will not eject cartridges fired or not what is the problem?


What is the breech of a gun?

The breech is the hind part of the metal part where you insert or eject cartridges.

How do you get a browning A5 to eject a low brass shell?

You need to see a gunsmith

Your Browning B-80 will not eject spent shells?

Give it a thorough cleaning.

My browning gold won't eject low brass shells?

You need to see a gunsmith.

Why does a Browning Citori 425 not eject shells when both barrels are fired?

You have a problem that needs the attention of a gunsmith. Browning's web site can point you in the right direction.

Your Kel-Tec PLR-16 pistol will not eject cartridges fired or not What seems to be the problem?

The problem is it will not eject. Is it clean? Is good quality ammunition being used? Is a quality magazine being used? Is the magazine clean?

What is a magazine cut off switch on a browning a500?

From Browning's website - "allowing the shooter to retain shells in the magazine and eject a shell from the chamber without feeding from the magazine."

Can you send a Browning 22 rifle to Browning for repair if it will not eject spent shells?

Certainly. Or, you can use a competent independent gunsmith - sounds like an easy fix.

Why doesn't my new 22 long rifle eject empty cartridges?

Send it back to the maker. It should still be under warranty.

Is the browning semi auto 22 good for left handed shooters?

Yes, it has a straight down bottom eject.

Why would a-bolt browning .300 mag hard to eject or extract spent shells with all brands of ammo?

Try a thorough cleaning. If it still does it, send it back to Browning with a complete detailed description of all issues.