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Your concern is somewhat justified, in that sperm that comes in contact with the outside of your Vagina can travel the extra distance and lead to pregnancy. The specific answer to your question about a bathtub is that sperm will burst when exposed to water, so if you fill your bathtub before adding any bath soaps, you'll be safe.

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Q: Can a women becomes pregnant after using bathtub son ejaculated in?
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How likely is it that i am pregnant if I'm not on birth control and he ejaculated inside me twice?

There's a chance. You should probably go see a doctor and/or get a pregnancy test. Also, if you're not pregnant, you should consider carrying a condom/ start using the pill. Assuming you're not trying to get pregnant ofcource.

How do you remove myrth from fiberglass bathtub?

by using "BANG"

What causes the ring in the bathtub?

The ring around the bathtub is caused by soap scum an dirt. The ring can be washed off using bathroom cleaner.

When did they start using the name Looney tunes?

1930 and it was called Sinkin' in the Bathtub

Is there a child safe bathtub paint?

Crayola offers some bathtub paint, one of their kits includes coloring sheets that stick to the bathtub wall. You can also make your own bathtub paints. Here is a link to a tutorial using safe everyday household items:

How to remove enamel paint from bathtub?

Enamel paint can be removed from a bathtub by using soap and water. Enamel paint should not require any abrasive cleaners or scrapping.

Can you get pregnant if you had intercourse using a condom which he ejaculated outside the vagina and when he took the condom off he wiped his hands till dry and after 10minutes finger you?

As he has wiped his hands ten minutes ago, before he fingers you, you should be safe, as sperms do not last long outside.

Does sperm have to go inside a girl for her to get pregnant?

It is POSSIBLE to become pregnant if the sperm is ejaculated around the vaginal area but not necessarily inside you. The chances are remote but it has happened. Always avoid genital to genital contact during sex by using a betcha but that tail on the sperm makes them able to swim... so they can still get inside on a "near miss"

Your boyfriend ejaculated inside you 2 days after your period then again 13 days after that and then again 2 days after that what are your chances of being pregnant?

If you are having unprotected sex, your chance of becoming is high. The only way that is 100% sure is abstinence.Barring that, using a condom is above 95%

Can y6ou get pregnant using the same towel as your pregnant mom?


3 Ways You Can Resurface a Bathtub ?

Use a LinerAn easy way for you to resurface your bathtub is for you to purchase a liner for your bathtub. Using liners is an easy process. They are normally just glued into the bathtub. In addition, bathtub liners can last for an extremely long time. The normal lifetime length for bathtub liners is around twenty years. Unfortunately, since they are made from acrylic, they can crack over time. Each liner that you use for your bathtub is designed to match your bathtub's specifications. It normally costs around thirteen hundred dollars for bathtub liners.Use a Bathtub Resurfacing KitYou can purchase a bathtub resurfacing kit that can give you all the supplies that you need in order to resurface your bathtub. Although each bathtub resurfacing kit that you use will be different, all bathtub resurfacing kits feature similar steps and directions. Resurfacing your bathtub with a bathtub resurfacing kit normally involves preparing your bathtub and spraying an acrylic coating on the bathtub surface. In addition, bathtub resurfacing with a kit normally involves the use of primers, cleaners, and fillers. It is extremely important for you to read the instructions of a bathtub resurfacing kit before you try to do this on your own. You can normally purchase a bathtub resurfacing kit for around seventy dollars or more.Hire a ProfessionalEven though there are many cheap ways for you to resurface your bathtub on your own, there may be times when you cannot do it on your own. If this is the case for you, it is possible for you to hire a professional to resurface your bathtub for you. Although hiring a professional is the best way for you to make sure that it is done properly, there is no doubt that hiring a company can get expensive. In fact, it may cost around five hundred dollars for you to hire a professional to resurface your bathtub. It normally takes between one and two days for a professional to finish the bathtub resurfacing process. Hiring a professional could be useful because you may not get the result that you want by doing it on your own.