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Yes you can get pregnant from pre-cum. I didn't though I was using the PULL OUT for 7 years and nothing. I am ready now and having a little trouble. So yes you can get pregnant from any type of cum

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If he was 'in' you, you can get pregnant. Whether he ejaculated or not, his pre-ejaculate contains sperm and all it takes is one of those to fertilize an egg.

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Q: I am 4 weeks pregnant but my boyfriend says he never came in you how did i get pregnant?
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Is it possible for you to get pregnant if your boyfriend and you came at the same time or if he came in you?

Absolutely, yes. Independent of you climaxing, if your boyfriend ejaculated in you, you can most certainly get pregnant.

Your boyfriend came in you n you took your nuva ring out can you get pregnant?

If you used it correctly in the three weeks prior to the ring-free week, you're still protected.

What if your boyfriend came inside of you?

Theres a chance you could get pregnant

Is there a chance you could be pregnant if your boyfriend has never came inside you?

First off, are you sleeping with anyone else? Perhaps someone besides your boyfriend "came" inside you. Also sperm are very resilient, they can probably swim across bed sheets.

What does it mean if your boyfriend came in you a week ago and you get your period?

you are not pregnant, or else your body believes that you are not pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant right after your period if your boyfriend came in you?

You could be pregnant - take a test

Why are you cramping 2 days after your boyfriend came inside you?

You could be pregnant!

You had bad cramps which you always get a day before your period and your boyfriend and you had unprotected sex and he ejaculated in you and your period never came. could this mean you are pregnant?

Yes, this certainly is a possibility.

If your boyfriend came in you can you get pregnant 5 weeks later?

Conception in humans occurs fairly soon after the sperm fertilizes the egg. It is almost impossible to have the sperm hanging around for five weeks before it fertilizes the egg.However, it may be five weeks or longer before you notice symptoms.

How is it possable to get pregnant if your boyfriend came in you several times?

Males sperm is what fertilizes your egg.

How earlier does colostrum form in pregnancy?

when i was pregnant it came as early as 5 or 6 weeks

Your boyfriend came inside you for a whole month does this mean you could be pregnant?

If you have had periods and have been having unprotected sex - then you certainly could be pregnant.