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No. The magnum CARTRIDGE case is a larger diameter than the LR cartridge. A LR cartridge fired in a magnum chamber would split the cartridge case.

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Q: Can a rifle be chambered for both lr and magnum?
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Is 22 WRF same as 22 long rifle?

No. The WRF (Winchester Rim Fire) is a larger diameter cartridge. It is the same diameter are the 22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire) but is shorter than the magnum, It may be safety fired in a .22 magnum rifle, but not in a 22 LR. 22 LR ammo should NOT be fired in a rifle chambered for 22 WRF.

Can a 22 long rifle be chambered in a 22 mag rifle?

With the exception of a few revolvers made with interchangeable cylinders, the .22 LR and .22 magnum cartridges should NOT be substituted for each other. The .22 magnum is a larger diameter cartridge than the .22 LR. Firing a LR cartridge in a magnum rifle will result in a split cartridge case, venting of gasses, etc. They cannot be traded with one another.

Can an hw3 lr modified its chamber to fired a magnum ammo?

Not sure what an HW3 is, but if it is a firearm chambered for .22 Long Rifle, no, it cannot be "rechambered" to .22 Magnum. The .22 magnum fires a larger diameter bullet than the LR, and has higher pressures. The two cartridges do not interchange except in a few revolvers that have 2 cylinders- one LR, one magnum.

Can you shoot 22 wmr in a 22 lr rifle?

No. The case of a 22 WMR is longer than that of a 22 lr, so the cartridge won't fit in a rifle that is chambered for 22 lr.

Where can you find information on the Wards Western Field 22 cal SL-LR rifle?

Would need the model number. S-L-LR simply pertains to how the rifle is chambered. There is a model number on that gun somewhere.

Can a marlin model 80 s-l-lr shoot 22 magnums?

No! The .22 magnum is different dimensionally. Do not attempt to chamber a .22 Magnum in a rifle or handgun designated for .22 s,l or lr. In most cases the barrel of a rifle or handgun will indicate the chambering!

Can you use a 22 short rifle in a 22 long rifle?

.22 Short cartridges may be fired in most firearms chambered for .22 LR- However, with most they will need to be hand fed one cartridge at a time. Most automatic firearms chambered for 22 LR will not cycle as a semi auto with Shorts.

Used price for marlin 982vs 22 win mag rifle?

These sell for between $350-$450. NO- 22 LR ammo cannot safely be fired in a .22 magnum rifle. The .22 magnum case is larger in diameter as well as longer. The .22 LR cartridge case will split.

Can you put a LR magnem cartridge in a 22?

Let's get the names straight- there are .22 Long Rifle (LR) cartridges, and there are .22 Magnum (.22 WMR) They DO NOT interchange (although there are a few revolvers with 2 cylinders that can CONVERT from one to the other). The.22 Magnum is not only more powerful, and longer, but it is larger in diameter than the .22 LR. SOME .22 LR firearms can safely short .22 Shorts, but LR and Magnum do not swap.

How much is a model 67 Winchester commerative 30-30 caliber rifle worth?

the winchester model 67/67A rifle was chambered for the .22 S,L,LR,or ,22WRF.It was never chambered in the 30-30 caliber.Therefore I cannot answer your question.

Can a 22 long rifle pistol shoot 22 magnums if the cylinder is changed?

There are revolvers made with 2 cylinders that can switch back and forth between LR and Magnum ammo. However, those have a barrel bored to magnum specs. Simply adding a magnum cylinder to a 22 LR is not safe.

Can it hurt the barrel if you shoot 22 LR bullets in a 22 magnum bolt action Marlin rifle?

You may hurt more than the barrel. The .22 magnum is a larger diameter CASE and BULLET than the .22 LR (22 is a name, not a measurement). When a LR cartridge is fired in a Magnum chamber, there is a high chance the casing will split, possibly blowing bits of metal and hot gasses out of the chamber. There ARE revolvers made that will shoot both- but they use different cylinders. Do not try this- it is dangerous.