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if you are early along in your pregnancy a period usually means the end of your pregnancy. i'm sure there are other poosible reasons but i dont know of them.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-22 23:17:54
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Q: Can a period end a pregnancy?
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What are the signs of pregnancy before your next period?

can you get pregnant if you have sex at the end of your period

How many days does a pregnancy period last?

Pregnancy period? Its not possible to have a period during pregnancy.

How do you calculate pregnancy?

One way is to count 10 months after the end of the last period.

Can you have a period with an ectopic pregnancy?

can i still have a period with a ectopic pregnancy

What happens if you always got your monthly period and then it just stopped coming for months on end?

Pregnancy can do this.

How does mifepristone end a pregnancy?

This drug causes pregnancy to end by blocking the female hormone progesterone. The lack of progesterone makes the uterus shed its lining, which causes bleeding similar to a menstrual period.

How is a period during pregnancy different?

During pregnancy, the period stops.

What is the pregnancy period of the whale?

The pregnancy period of the whale is 5 seconds

Can you get pregnant with Mirena and still get your period?

Pregnancy on Mirena is unlikely. Pregnancy with a period is unlikely. Pregnancy on Mirena with a period is very unlikely.

Can elongated period be a sign of pregnancy?

no... pregnancy = no period at all... not an elongated one...

You were suppose to have your period in the end of may but it never came now its June 16 are you pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test

What period of pregnancy begins with conception and ends with delivery?

All pregnancies start with conception and end with delivery. Human pregnancy lasts for 280 days, or 41 weeks.

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