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can you get pregnant if you have sex at the end of your period

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2011-07-26 21:43:12
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Q: What are the signs of pregnancy before your next period?
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What is a sign that you can be pregnant if a guy comes in you on your period?

the regular signs of pregnancy, however you probably will not be able to tell before your next period is due. if you miss your next period that would be a big sign.

Is pregnancy possible with signs two weeks before the next period?

Pregnancy is quite possible two weeks prior to (expected) next period ... but there will be no signs nor symptoms since the female body always acts as it were pregnant for the last two weeks of the menstrual cycle from menarche to menopause.

When will I have pregnancy signs?

many women start signs later or sooner than othe many have no symptoms through their pregnancy . signs for some start as soon as conception . hope this helps Most women tend to get pregnancy signs as soon as after four weeks after the due date of their next period.

What if your 14 and You missed your period and you have signs of pregnancy but your pregnancy test failed what else could it be?

i would take another one like a week before your next missed period and if it comes out negative or positive either way you should go and see a doctor for a blood test

How can you tell if your pregnant before you have your next period?

Take a pregnancy test. Buy and use a HPT. (home pregnancy test)

Can pregnancy symptoms start right before your next period?

Yes. But not very big ones.

If your period is due on monday the 31st day of your cycle when is the earliest you can take an early pregnancy test?

before 4 days of your next period.

If you started your period 2 days early and you were planning on taking your pregnancy test before your period can you still take a pregnancy test while you are on your period?

What's the point? If you started your period then you are oviously not pregnant, save the test for next time.

How soon after fertilization occurs can a pregnancy be detected by a home pregnancy test?

some tests can tell you five to seven days before your next missed period

If last prgnancy ectopic week before positive pregnancy test can abnormal period could mean pregnant athough two pregnancy test negative?

The abnormal period is the result of the Etopic pregnancy. After a miscarriage or Etopic pregnancy your menstrual cycle may be effected for the next few periods. If your next period is unusual, see your doctor about some tests to rule out a hormonal imbalance.

First sex was before menstruation but regular periods for the next 6 years until this month. Can the skipped period be caused by pregnancy?

Yes, that is a possibility. One skipped period is of itself not a certain indication of pregnancy, but it's one explanation for the missed period. Consider a pregnancy test.

Can a pregnancy test be positive after a day?

No, Wait until the day of your next expected period. Or get first response it can tell earliest of 6 days before period but not a 100% accuracy.

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