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It is only legal IF the person is on the passenger's seat.

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Q: Can a passenger in the front of the moving car be on a cell phone while driving?
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Is traffic violation 23123a a moving violation?

No. This only relates to the use of a cell phone while driving.

How should people stop using cell phones while driving?

You could have the passenger of the car text, call or whatever you need to do on your phone

Can you hold a cell phone while driving?

I think it is possible to hold a cell phone while driving!

How do you beat a cell phone ticket in Rancho Cucamonga?

Simple - don't use your phone while driving ! People DIE from irresponsible drivers being distracted by using phones while driving ! The ONLY thing you should be doing while your vehicle is moving is concentrate on controlling your vehicle - nothing else matters !

What is culpable driving?

using ur mobile phone when driving

If you are a minor and your cell phone rings when you are driving what should you do?

Regardless of whether you are a minor or an adult, if your cell phone rings while you are driving, ignore it or turn it off. Cell phone conversation is very distracting to a drive who needs to concentrate on traffic and road conditions, much more so than listening to a radio or talking with a passenger in the car.

Talking on your cell phone while driving is not dangerous.?

Talking on your cell phone while driving is not dangerous.

What are the most common distractions when driving?

texting on the phone while driving

Are cell phones causing car accidents?

well it depends if your texting someone and your driving at the same time then you may cause 1 or if your talking to someone on the phone while driving but instead of you holding it you can put it on loud speaker and put it like on the passenger seat if its not taken and talk to the person who's on the phone and listen to them while your driving but keep your eyes on the road and for any 1 else who's in the car and is not driving then no it cant cause an accidentAnother View: No. It is the drivers USING the cellphones who cause the accidents.

Ticket for talking on the phone while driving go on my driving record?


Should i buy my new phone in the area I am moving to?

Assuming you're not moving to another country - you don't need to buy a new phone ! Your existing phone will work perfectly well.

What is the phone number of the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo California?

The phone number of the Automobile Driving Museum is: 310-909-0950.