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Ok if a guy stars at you a lot he's probaly just really shy. I don't like to talk to the girls I like. Try talking to him first or ask a friend to go find out if he likes you. Good LUCK!!!!

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Q: Can a guy like you if you catch him staring at you a lot and he sometimes looks away and other times he keeps looking but he never talks to you?
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What does it mean when a guy keeps staring at you?

It probably means, A guy likes you :). If you catch him looking at you and then quickly looking away, then that's one sign :D

What does it mean when a boy keeps staring at a girl every time she walks by him?

Looking good, bad, hate and liking could all be factors...

If a boy keeps staring at you and then his friends start staring at you and smiling does it mean he likes you?

i think you should just wait and see wat he does and if he is a real man he will tell you he likes you or tell you to stop pretending you aren't looking @ him and tell him you like him

If when you catch I guy looking at you and he looks away means he likes you. What does it mean when you catch a guy looking at you and he just keeps looking into your eyes until you look away?

yea it most likely means he likes you (trust me im a guy i know stuff like this) Answered by: dudeguy1

If a girl keeps smiling at you staring at you and trying to start conversations with you does it mean she likes you?

Probably but make sure she's not looking at your cute friend or seat buddy.

If a guy you like keeps on looking at you does that mean he likes you?

Its hard to say, but i would probably say yes, he probably cant stop staring at how good you look

Does a boy like you if he keeps staring at you?

If a guy keeps staring at you then maybe he's just spacing. If he does this continually everyday then he probably likes you. The best way to find out is to go ask him.

Why does it mean if a Guy Keeps staring and frowns?

Something is on his mind.

How can you tell that a friend who is girl likes you?

i think that sometimes they stare...alot.dont look back and if she keeps staring wave.if she waves back with a dreamyish look she probabley likes you.

What is a sentence for the word staring?

She keeps staring at me.He stands in the window, staring at the cake with drool dribbling down his chin.

What does it mean when a guy just keeps staring at you from the corner of his eye...and you had nothing on ur face or anything.... and then when you catch him he either smiles or pretends not to look?

like dah he likes you that's why he is preeing you but he is shy.

This girl keeps staring at me but sometimes she didn't even notice I exist why?

I strongly suspect you're both less fascinating and less invisible than you think. If you like this girl, talk to her. Just sitting there thinking "ooh, she's staring at me" is not going to get you anywhere.