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Q: Can a girl miss her period with out being pregnant?
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Is a girl pregnant if she skips her period?

That alone is not a confirmation of being pregnant. A girl may skip her period for too many reasons. But yes a pregnant girl does miss her period.

Is it possible for a girl to miss her period?

Ofcourse,and if she misses a period this doesn't mean that she's pregnant.

Can a girl release two eggs and miss her next period?

Sure, if she get pregnant.

Is a girl pregnant if they miss one period but get it the following month?

Not pregnant, but get a professional opinion about the reasons for missed periods.

Is it true that having a crush can make you miss your period?

No, it's not possible to miss your period if you just have a crush on someone. Not even being in love makes you miss it, only being pregnant. And when you first get your period they are not regular, it takes a while for them to become regular.

How do you know if pregnant?

You will know if you are pregnant if you miss your period.

How overweight do you have to be to miss a period?

you have to be pregnant or to have menopause to not have your period

What if a girl is late on her period by 2 weeks?

Then eighter she is pregnant and needs to take a pregnancy test or she may be stressing alot and that causes for her to miss her period

Do you discharge ovulation discharge if pregnant?

if you are pregnant you miss your period

What happens if a girl miss her pie rd?

Not sure what a pie rd is...but if she misses her period, it probably means she's pregnant.

What happens when you miss a period?

There could be a possibility of being pregnant. Your period can also just be late or irregular. To be sure take a pregnancy test.

Are u supposed to miss your period the same month you have intercourse if your pregnant?

Most women miss there first months period after becoming pregnant. Some have their period throughout pregnancy.