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Yes, if the sperm is still alive there is the possible chance she can get pregnant.

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Q: Can a girl leave sperm in her mouth then put it in her and get pregnant?
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Is it possible to get pregnant if a girl swallow sperms from mouth?

It is not possible for a female to get pregnant from swallowing sperm.

Can sperm come from mouth to make a girl pregnant after kising?

It would be theoretically possible, though highly unlikely to cause pregnancy.

Is it possible to get pregnant if a girl swallow sperms from mouth and have cuts in it?

It is impossible for a female to get pregnant from swallowing sperm.

If a girl gives a guy head and he release in her mouth does it mean. The girl is pregnant?

No, pregnancy only occurs when the sperm enters the woman's body through vagina, not the mouth. If sperm comes trough the mouth, it will lead to her digestive system, so it won't make you pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant having sperm through her mouth to stomach?

no no no no no no it cant reach your eggs that way

Can a girl get pregnant from sperm on thigh?

No, a girl cant get pregnant from sperm on thigh........

Can a girl become pregnant if she smooch her bf for the first time?

No. You can't get pregnant from the mouth. A girl can only get pregnant if the boys sperm from his penis goes inside the girls vagina when they have sex

If a girl swallowthe sperm of a guy will she get pregnant?

No. A girl gets pregnant from sperm in her vagina.

Can you get a girl pregnant the boy sperm on his hand and the boy and girl holds hand and she put it in her mouth?

No. Pregnancy occurs when sperm is deposited in (or sometimes around) the vagina. It must reach the inside in order for pregnancy to occur. If you practice sex with penetration, always use a condom. It's not a bad idea with oral sex, either. You don't know where that thing has been, and there are several nasty diseases that can be transmitted by oral sex, including syphilis, hepatitis and (rarely) HIV. Never trust the guy to protect you. Guys lie when they want to get laid, and they don't have the control that they think they have. You are responsible for your own behavior. Don't let him get anywhere near you without protection. Ever. No withdrawing before he cums, either. Doesn't work.

Can blank sperm cells get a girl pregnant?

Sperm cells can get a girl pregnant. There is no such thing as a 'blank' sperm cell.

Can a girl get pregnant if they dont use any sperm?

No, a girl can not get pregnant without the presence of sperm.

When girl eat sperm then girl are pregnant?

No. When a girl eat sperms, she will not get pregnant.