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no of course not

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Q: Can a girl lactate without being pregnant?
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How early can a girl start lactating without being pregnant?

I am 18 years old and in a very active sexual relationship with my boyfriend. I want to know if I can lactate milk from my breasts as a sexual practice between him and myself.

What does get a girl into trouble mean?

to get her pregnant without being married

Why would a girl lactate if shes not pregnant?

should a fifteen year old be lactating and have lumps in her breast.

Can a girl guinea pigs get pregnant without being mated with a boy guinea pig?


Can a pregnant 17 year old girl move out without parental consent in the state of Arkansas?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor.

How long can a girl go without getting her rag before being pregnant?

7 weeks! 7 weeks!

Can a girl get pregnant if they dont use any sperm?

No, a girl can not get pregnant without the presence of sperm.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a girl to girl sexual relation?

You can not get pregnant without sperm. This is basic sex education.

Is it possible to make a girl pregnant without her?


Can a girl be pregnant without a boy involved?


Can a girl get pregnant without getting?

no, They cant.

Can a girl be taken out of school for being pregnant?

That depends on the rules of the school. However, for most schools, the girl will be expelled for being pregnant.