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In order for a female to become pregnant, there must be either pre-ejaculatory fluids or ejaculatory fluids that come in contact with her vagina.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if she touches the guys penis with her hands?
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If penis just touches vaginal entry region may girl fall pregnant?

Only if there was pre-ejaculatory or ejaculatory fluids on his penis.

Can girl get pregnant by touching penis and touch virgina after hands are washed?

Highly unlikely.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy pulls out but doesn't wipe off and stick it back in the vagina?

Yes. Actually, the girl can get pregnant if the penis touches her vagina and the guy does not even have orgasm.

What do you do if a girl touches your penis?

nothing to do but except it as flirting

Can you get a girl pregnant if you have a 4.5 in penis?

The size of the penis has nothing to do with your ability to get someone pregnant. Its your sperm. So yes you can get a girl pregnant with a 4.5 in penis.

Can a girl get pregnant with the penis?

no. But you must be very careful not to get any sperm on your hands and to touch your genitals with the same hand (which has the sperm on it) No. With penis girl can't. With ejaculation of semen it may be possible

What do you do if a girl touches your penis and you're not hard?

it means your not attracted to her

Can a girl get pregnant when a boy kisses and touches the breast and nipples of girl?

No, a girl cannot get pregnant by doing that.

When HIV positive girl touches the penis can HIV transmit happen?


If a boy touches his penis and hugs a girl by touching the waist will that cause pregnancy?

No, the only way for a woman to get pregnant is for semen to enter the vagina, unless you ejaculate on your hand and put in in her vagina, she will not get pregnant.

Your penis size is 12cm its ok for doin a girl pregnant?

If you have semen you can get a girl pregnant.

If a girl suckyour penis does she will pregnant?

No, she can only get pregnant through vaginal intercourse not oral.

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