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yes it can at first you will fill the symptoms of a pregnancy but to be positive see a doctor soon as possible.

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Q: Can a early pregnancy be mistaken for a fibroid?
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Can uterine fibroids hide pregnancy?

Yes, in some instances fibroids can be mistaken for pregnancy. when the fibroid tumor gets large enough to fill the entire abdominal cavity, it can be mistaken for pregnancy.

Can a tampon be mistaken for a calcified fibroid?

No, a tampon can't be mistaken for a calcified fibroid. A tampon would be in the vagina - it can't make its way to the uterus. It doesn't have the same texture/appearance on ultrasound as a calcified fibroid, either.

Can ultrasound differentiate molar pregnancy and fibroid?

Yes it can!

Can fibroid tumors cause a positive pregnancy test?

i would like to know the same thing. I had a scan recently and was told I had a fibroid BUT I also have a positive hpt? Would the fibroid cause the hpt to turn positive?

What are the main causes of early marriage?

people falling in love deeply to young and unplanned pregnancies.

What is a fibroid?

A fibroid on the top of your uterus

Is a UTI an early pregnancy sign?

Frequent urination can be an early symptom of pregnancy, but a UTI isnt' an early pregnancy sign.

What is a fundal fibroid?

A fibroid on the top of your uterus

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What is the effect in the personality development of early pregnancy?

early pregnancy, none

How do you correctly spell 'systic fibroid'?

cystic fibroid

Can fibroid tumors mimic a pregnancy?

Unlikely. Common symptoms of fibroids are irregular, heavy, painful menstrual cycles. Most pregnant women do not have these symptoms.