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Doctors can test for pretty much any medicine that you are on depending on how long after taking the medicine (pill, patch, etc) the urine test was performed. Some drugs leave the body in a few days while others take a few weeks to fully get out of the body. So yes I believe a doctor could but I have never heard of someone testing for this on a urine test.

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Q: Can a doctor tell if you are on birth control through a urine test?
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Can birth control pills show up as positive for barbiturates in urine?

No, they will not.

Was horse urine used to make birth control for women?


What does it mean when your urine smells strong and you are on birth control?

It can be that you are not drinking enough water. Drink more water, hydrate yourself and if the problem persists, you may want to consult a doctor.

Is there horse pee in birth control pills?

No. Progesterone is the primary ingredient in most birth control pills and there are numerous ways to manufacture a synthetic version of it. Pregnant mare's urine is used for menopausal wome

When you go into the hospital to get birth control do they give you a urine test?

They test your urine to see if you may be pregnant, but no drug tests.

Do drug test detect birth control?

A drug test or a Urine test can detect just about anything that is in your system, whether it be legal or illegal. A drug test can detect whether or not you are taking birth control.

Do drug tests for jobs test for male or female urine?

no, but some hormone pills like birth control pills affect the urine pH, and lab can find out if male use female urine

Does amoxicillin clean your urine of illegal drugs?

get may interfere with birth control pills tho so be careful

What is Suprapubic bladder aspiration?

a technique that is sometimes used to collect urine from infants younger than six months. The doctor withdraws urine from the bladder into a syringe through a needle inserted through the skin over the bladder.

Am urinating through my vagina and am always worrying about it whether I can be preganat and give birth normally I think this is not normal would you please help me get out of this trouble?

You have no option; you must get to your doctor or find a doctor who can see you. If something is draining out of the vagina that is enough of a concern; if you are actually passing urine that way then something is seriously ruptured.

What do doctors do when you go to them for the birth control patch?

To get started on the birth control patch, the health care provider will take a medical history from you and check your blood pressure to make sure you're a good candidate for the patch. These days, you may be offered a physical exam, but it is not required. Getting tested for STDs at that time, usually through a urine test, makes sense.

When babies go out of the birth canal does it go through where you pee to get out?

No, the birth canal (vagina) where a baby exits a woman's body is a separate opening from the one where urine leaves. The urethra, which carries urine, has a very small opening in front of the vaginal opening.