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yes you can fall in love with her. you can fall in love with anybody basically. and being bi- means you go both ways. if you friend likes you and you like her just go fo rit

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Q: Can a bisexual girl like or fall in love with her lesbian friend knowing that her lesbian friend like her?
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Can a lesbian fall in love with a man?

Yes they can. It doesn't change anything, as long as your attacted to girls, your a lesbian.

Can a straight guy fall in love with a bisexual girl?

Yes, people can fall in love/be attracted to other people regardless of sexual orientation, but the feelings won't necessarily be reciprocated.

How do you stop being bisexual?

Flip answer: fall in love and have a monogamous relationship with someone. Then you will be either gay or straight. Seriously, you are lucky: you have twice as many people to fall in love with. Fact is, a great many of us are bisexual -- we just don't act on it! (Maybe we're not as brave as you are!)

What is gay bashing?

Gay bashing is an expression used to designate verbal confrontation with, denigration of, or physical violence against people thought to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) because of their apparent sexual orientation or gender identity. Similar terms such as "lesbian bashing" or "queer bashing" may also be formed. A "bashing" may be a specific incident, or one could also use the verb "to bash" e.g. "I was gay bashed." As there is no foolproof way to detect a person's sexual orientation, people sometimes fall victim even if they are not LGBT, should they be perceived to conform to the relevant stereotypes.

Why is my friend gay?

Answer 1Because that is the life choice your friend made.Your friend cannot help who they fall for. His/her sexuality should not affect your friendship.Answer 2Sexual orientation is something people are born with. It's not a choice.

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What search category does gay people in the military fall under?

You can either use "Gay Lesbian and Bisexual" or "US Military"

Can you fall in love with a girl and be gay without being Bisexual?

Yes. You can love a woman with out being a bisexual. Gay, lesbian & bisexual are words that describe sexualities not who you are as a person. Your in love with a woman that is just one part of you. A very important part of you, but you are more than just a lesbian. Be your self enjoy each other's company and have a good time.

How does a lesbian make a bisexual friend fall for them?

Unfortunate as it is, it is not possible to "make" anyone fall for you. If your friend truly is bisexual that means she's already attracted to girls, at least sort-of. It sounds as if you do not think that she has more-than-friendly feelings for you, and if she doesn't, then don't try to force things as this will probably only mess up your friendship. However, if you think that she may like you then go for it, if you feel it is worth the risk. If not, just remember that if someone is not attracted to you in that way, you can not make them be.

What if the girl fall with a gay but still her boy friend still love her?

she can always be bisexual its perfectly natural

Can a lesbian girl fall deeply in love with another lesbian?

of course xD

What to do if a lesbian fall in love with your wife?

It depends upon how your wife feels about the lesbian.

How do you tell if you are not straight but bisexual?

If you fall in love with and is sexually attracted to both genders you are bisexual.

Can lesbian girl fall deedly in love wth another lesbian?

When one lesbian loves another lesbian very much, they often deedle each other.

Is Jessie-j a lasbian?

Jessie J is not a lesbian, she's bisexual. She isn't one to put labels on people though, so whenever she is asked about her secuality, her answer is almost always "If I fall in love with a girl, I fall in love with a girl. If I fall in love with a guy, then I fall in love with a guy."She wrote L.O.V.E. about one of her first serious relationships with a girl.

Can a lesbian fall in love with a man?

Yes they can. It doesn't change anything, as long as your attacted to girls, your a lesbian.

How do you make your best friend become bisexual so they fall for you?

Gay or straight - it all comes down to the same answer - you cannot make someone fall for you. And do you really want a person to like you just because you "tricked" them into it? I think not.

What do you do as a bisexual if you fall in love with a straight man and woman?

to date one or the other just because your bisexual doesnt mean you can't fall in love wit other nonbisexual people

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