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Yes they can. It doesn't change anything, as long as your attacted to girls, your a lesbian.

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Q: Can a lesbian fall in love with a man?
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Can a gay man fall in love with a straight?

Yes, it's possible, just like a straight man could fall in love with a lesbian woman.

Can a lesbian girl fall deeply in love with another lesbian?

of course xD

Can lesbian girl fall deedly in love wth another lesbian?

When one lesbian loves another lesbian very much, they often deedle each other.

How do you know if you are lesbian before you fall in love?

If you are sexually aroused by women.

Can a female student fall in love with a female teacher?

Yes if she is a lesbian.

How can you love a lesbian when you are already married?

You could just be friends with this Lesbian for a while and then she may fall for you, not her current sexual partner.

Is it odd to fall in love with a lesbian?

who ever says its odd or weird to fall in love with lesbians or with the same gender its not odd its how they feel about the person its about the love they share :)

Is there any way that a man who's in love with a lesbian make her to fall in love with him?

well ask ur self are in love with her or is lust if so show her u love her in every little way support her and hope 4 da best If she is a lesbian then a sexual relationship isn't on the cards That doesnt mean that you cant love each other without the sex.

Can a woman be in love with her husband and yet be in love with a friend who is a woman?

yes she might be lesbian but be in love with a man too

How do you make a man fall in love?

Its up to the man

What do you do if you are a guy who is in love with a girl who is lesbian?

you just have to let her go, man. that's it, happened to me.

Why does a gay man fall in love with a man?

Because he is a gay man