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can a 22 year old women thats pregnant by a 17 year old boy get charged

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Q: Can a 22 year old women that's pregnant by a 17 year old boy get married?
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Should your 11 year old be pregnant?

No, thats too young. Even if she CAN get pregnant, she should not.

How many women get pregnant a year?


Can a 12 year old get a women pregnant?

yes a 12 year old can get a women pregnat

Can 90 year old women get pregnant?

hell no

What is the legally way to get married to a 16 year old?

i think if the women in the relationship is pregnant you don't need your parents consent in Georgia... I'm not too sure though

Can a women who has not menstruated for over one year get pregnant?

sometimes it can be....

In what year were married women allowed to teach?

Married women were once barred from teaching, especially in large city schools. In 1901, married women were allowed to teach in school.

Can a pregnant 16-year-old get married to a 19-year-old without parental consent in the state of Virginia?

no because if you are a teen you cant get married without permission and you arnt old enough to get married plus 16 year olds arnt supposed to get pregnant

Can a pregnant 16-year-old get married to a 22-year-old in Nebraska?

... only if the pregnant 16-year-old is a man.... in any other case, NO!

Can a 17-year-old girl who is pregnant get married without permission?


Can a pregnant 15 year old get married in Alabama?

With parents' consent.

If a 15 year old is pregnant by a 24 year old can he go to jail?

Thats called statutory rape in all states.