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yes a 12 year old can get a women pregnat

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Q: Can a 12 year old get a women pregnant?
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Can 12 year old be pregnant?

Yes, a 12 year old may be able to be pregnant.

Can a girl at the age of 12 get pregnant?

if a 3 year old can then so can a 12 year old

Can a 12 year old make a 41 year old pregnant?


Can a 13 year old get pregnant by a 12 year old boy?


Can a 12 year old get a ten year old pregnant?

Yes. That is possible.

Can a 12 year old get a girl pregnant?

Yes, I don't think you want to be a 12 year old mom!

Can a 12 year old get pregnant by swallowing sperm?

The answer is no. Swallowing semen can not get you pregnant.

Is it legal for a 11 year old girl to get pregnant with a 12 year old boy in California?


Could a 12 year old boy get his 16 year old sister pranganet?

If a 12 year old has gone through puberty, he could get any girl pregnant. He can get his sister or any other girl pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from your 12 year old boyfriend?

If his balls have dropped

Can a 10 year old get a 12 year old girl pregnant?

It depends on if the 12 year old girl is fertile, And if the boy can ejaculate sources: I'm a teenager.

Can an 11 year old get pregnant by a 12 year old?

Depends on the female. If she has started her periods then yes.