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Depending on your activity: not active at all: 1400-1600 calories moderate:1800 calories active: 2000- 2500 calories very active: 2500- 2800 calories

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Q: Callories should teenagers eat
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How much fat should teenagers eat?

Teenagers shouldn't be hoarding on the fat, but eat a bit more than a Child would! ;)

What form of energy is in steak?

same as every other food, callories

What are good foods for active teenagers?

Teenagers should eat a healthy mix of carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals should be given, with the main focus on vitamin and minerals.

Why should teenagers eat fruit and vegetables?

they should eat fruit and vegetables because there growing and need to stay healthy to stay strong and in shape.

Are teenagers unhealthy?

It depends on the teenagers: if they eat too much sweets and hardly ever do sports or eat a balanced diet. Most teenagers are healthy, BUT there is a quite high number of unhealthy teenagers. Otherwise, there are more healthy teenagers!

When do teenagers eat?


Where do French teenagers eat lunch?

French teenagers eat lunch in the school canteen, or at home if they have time to get there (or when not at school).

How much protein should teenagers eat?

Teenagers are all different so there is no one answer to this question. If you visit, you have the chance to describe the teenager and see what kind of diet he/she needs.

What do french teenagers eat?


Do teenagers need to eat Vegetables?

Teenagers need to eat a lot of vitamins as it is good for the body and also good for the hair and eyes.

What do orthodox Jewish teenagers eat?

Orthodox Jewish teenagers eat the same things all Orthodox Jews eat; kosher foods of all different kinds.

What do teenagers do in the dark with their partners?

they eat strawberry's with whipped cream with each others hands. lovely it is. u should try it.