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The best salt is the salt you don't use. You don't need salt to clean a piercing, never have never will. Yeah there will be some who say "my piercer said", yeah what ever, bottom line cleaning daily with diluted liquid antibacterial soap and a water rinse and leave it alone. Unless you know exactly how to use and make a saline solution, don't bother, you can mix it too strong and end up burning the tissue with the concentrated salt.

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Q: Best salt to clean belly piercing?
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How do you clean belly jewelry once removed?

You're best bet is to clean it in a salt solution (a mixture of salt and boiling water). You can also clean it in alcohol such a vodka. Either way be sure to rinse the jewellery well before putting it back in. Does it matter which salt you use? Sometimes you have to have a perticular salt. lol At the mo im finding it hard to even take my belly piercing out.

What is the best thing to clean your lip piercing with?

Sea Salt Spray

What do i use to clean your nose piercing?

Alcohol should not be used on any piercing. Soaking your piercing in sea salt is best. you can also use non scented antibacterial soap to clean your piercing

What is the best thing to use to clean a belly button piercing?

Dont use anything strong, it just causes problems eg. dettol;some people say dettol is good but its not i consulted many piercing technicians and thay all say dettol and those other type of products are too strong.Warm salty water is a really good formula to use to clean your belly piercing, 1 cup of water and half a teaspoon of rock salt (make sure its not table salt), get a cotton bud and clean around both holes and then move the belly bar to try to get the liquid through.hope my information has been helpful, good luck

How do you care for a belly piercing?

If you've got the sea salt spray, lay on the floor, fill up your bellybutton with the sea salt, and the top part. Let it soak in for a bit and with the corner of a folded paper towel, dip it in the puddle of sea salt, and clean your jewelry. Then just clean out your bellybutton

Do you have to use sea salt to clean your piercing?

Yes. Natural sea salt. Table salt can have things added to it and that can be bad for the piercing. Its just the safest bet :)

Will it hurt to put Epsom salt on a nose piercing?

You don't want to put Epsom Salt OR table salt on ANY piercing. They contain sugar and will cause infection. The ONLY thing to put on a fresh piercing is SEA SALT. Using 1/4tsp of sea salt with 8oz. of warm water, and soak the piercing for about 10 minutes twice a day. It is the best thing to help heal your piercing. When you are in the shower, use Dial soap to clean it also. But sea salt soaks are amazing for helping heal a piercing.

When cleaning a piercing does using uniondized salt hurt?

If you were to clean your piercing with salt by itself, it would certainly hurt! What people actually clean their piercing with is saline solution- a mix of sea salt and water. (A good ratio to use is 1 table spoon of salt per cup of water.) The saline solution itself should not hurt your piercing. However, sometime cleaning a piercing will irritate it. This may hurt, but the salt is not responsible.

Where can you buy sea salt water for belly button piercing?

Just buy regular salt, or you can go back I your Piercer and get something.

What do you put on a belly button piercing?

You are supposed to put salt water on it. Either put it on a cotton ball then on your belly piercing for 8 minutes or you can put the salt water in a shot glass and put it on it for 8 minutes. Also remember to make sure it is warm salt water and to rinse your belly ring after. This should be done twice a day (Once in morning and once at night)

Can you put peroxide on a belly button piercing?

No, when I got my belly button pierced my piercer told me specifically not to use peroxide or alcohol on the piercing. If peroxide or alcohol gets on it, it'll be fine but it dries out your skin which isn't good for healing or cleaning. Use soapy warm water and a sea salt water mixture to throughly clean your piercing, that's what I used, as I was following my piercer's instructions. I've had my piercing for almost 7 months and I've never had a problem with it.

What is the best way to clean a belly piercing?

When you get your piecing done you will be provided with written aftercare instructions for your piercing. Follow the instructions and please listen to your professional body piercer, should you have issues they are the ones you want to talk to before you go looking for help else where.