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At 16 weeks it is 80-90% accurate using an ultrasound

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Q: At how many weeks in your pregnancy can you tell if the baby is a boy or girl?
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How many weeks for fetal development?

I am 21 weeks into my pregnancy and i still can't feel my baby move!

How many months that a Japanese spitz delivering her baby?

there is usually about 8 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy

How many weeks of pregnancy?

40 weeks.

How many weeks in pregnancies?

There should be at least be 40 weeks in pregnancy.

How many weeks do pregnant weman deliver the baby?

If you mean, How many weeks of pregnancy before birth the answer is approximately 40 weeks from the last period or 38 weeks from conception. In humans the baby is considered full term any where from 38 weeks to 42 weeks from the last period. Each individual takes slightly longer or shorter to grow a baby. Nutrition, health, heredity, and the infant are all factors effecting hte length of pregnancy. No one can scientifically predict exactly when a baby will be born.

How many weeks do you have to be to check the sex of your baby?

Usually between weeks 13-28 you will generally have an ultrasound that can detect the gender of your baby. If you have an ultrasound done during the first part of your second trimester it might be more difficult to tell. It is easier to determine if your baby is a boy than a girl. In other words, if your baby is a boy, there is no doubt but if your baby is a girl and the ultrasound is done at week 13, the sonographer might not be 100% certain that it is a girl because of positioning and just the overall smallness of your child at this point.

Generally on an average How many months or weeks does baby boy take for delivery and How many does baby girl take and does it differ country or continent wise?

Are Those months/weeks counted from 1st day of last menses or from the ovulation ....

You were dating a women for 2 weeks and shes now pregnancy how many week can she be?

if you had sex with her only 2 weeks ago, the baby is probably not yours. it usually takes 4 weeks after conception to have any sign that you are pregnant.

Ho many weeks does a pregnancy last?

it last 40 weeks

How many weeks is full term pregnancy?

38-42 weeks.

How many weeks are in a pregnancy for second pregnancy?

All healthy, full-term pregnancies will last an average of 40 weeks.

How many month is in 35 weeks of pregnancy?

it will be almost nine months of pregnancy