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It is said that you can use wild yam as Birth Control. You want to drink a tea made of it at least 3 times a day. Do a Google search on it and you should find more info. You can contact a Midwife and talk to them about natural birth control. * There are herbs that might prevent ovulation, or delay it. check our for info in herbs. Wild yam, itself, DOES NOT prevent pregnancy. Wild yam can be chemically altered to mimic progesterone (progestin). This can be bought at a health-food store, as a cream, and does work as effective birth control.

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Q: Are there herbs you can take to help prevent pregnancy?
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You took 8 Advil to prevent pregnancy?

Advil don't prevent pregnancy no matter how many you take.

Isabgol is advisable in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Isabgol is fine to take during the first trimester of your pregnancy. The supplement will help to prevent straining of your bowel movements.

What is the best thing to take to prevent pregnancy?

a condom

What are some natural herbs to take for flu symptoms during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it's best not to take anything without your doctors approval. Even natural herbs can cause potential problems and interactions with other medications taken.

Are there any medicines you can take to prevent pregnancy?

birth control pills

After switching your birth control how long will it take before pregnancy ouccur?

Birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy.

Can Plan B make you sterile?

no it can prevent pregnancy one time when you take it. it isn't permanent. look up exactly why it can prevent pregnancy if you're interested in how it works. but no it will not make you sterile.

How can you prevent cerebral palsy?

there is no way to prevent Cerebral Palsy (CP).. But if there's anyway, you can take steps to ensure your healthy pregnancy.

Can you prevent Cerebral palsy?

there is no way to prevent Cerebral Palsy (CP).. But if there's anyway, you can take steps to ensure your healthy pregnancy.

Are there any herbal remedies that you can take to help fertility and becoming pregnant?

You can try a blend of herbs that will help enhance your fertility.

How much vinegar do you have to drink to prevent pregnancy?

This is an absolute myth. Vinegar *does not* prevent pregnancy at all--it will make your breath smell bad. To prevent pregnancy, you need to take prescribed birth control pills or always have the guy use condoms with spermicide. Birth control + condoms= best idea.

Who can you prevent pregnancy after unprotected mate?

You can take the morning after pill up to 5 days after sex.

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