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Depends on what pills you are talking about. For any pill that prevents pregnancy, or end pregnancy, there are instructions or prescription to follow.

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Q: How many pills one take to prevent pregnancy?
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Are there any medicines you can take to prevent pregnancy?

birth control pills

Is it bad to skip the white pills while taking trinessa?

The while pills on Trinessa are active pills that prevent pregnancy. If you don't take the active pills, you could get pregnant.

If you take your pills after missing 2 in the first week can you cancel out a pregnancy?

I am not sure what you mean by cancel out a pregnancy. The only way to stop a pregnancy once it occurs is abortion. Sometimes you can induce a period before pregnancy occurs to prevent it. The pills have instructions that say exactly how many you can miss.

How do you know which pills to skip to get pregnant?

All of them! If you are trying to get pregnant you do not want to take birth control pills. Their whole purpose is to prevent pregnancy.

You took 8 Advil to prevent pregnancy?

Advil don't prevent pregnancy no matter how many you take.

Can you still take birth control while trying to get pregnant?

That would be foolish. Birth control pills prevent pregnancy.

Can you become pregnant by not taking the active birth control?

The active birth control pills are the ones that prevent pregnancy. If you don't take those pills, you could get pregnant.

How many birth control pills are to be taken in 1st week of pregnancy?

You are not supposed to take birth control pills when you are pregnant.

How much vinegar do you have to drink to prevent pregnancy?

This is an absolute myth. Vinegar *does not* prevent pregnancy at all--it will make your breath smell bad. To prevent pregnancy, you need to take prescribed birth control pills or always have the guy use condoms with spermicide. Birth control + condoms= best idea.

How many days can you take the family planning pills if you just want to used it for two week?

Birth control pills are immediately effective when started within the first days of your period; otherwise, it's seven days before they can be relied on to prevent pregnancy. Stopping them after two weeks makes no sense, unless you never want to prevent pregnancy after that two weeks.

Do you need to take birth control pills everyday?

In order for the birth control pill to effectively prevent pregnancy, you need to take it every day. You can't take it only when you have sex.

Can you take niacin pills if you are pregnant?

No,not during pregnancy

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