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Thc is the only thing found in marijuana. Thc is what causes the high. Marijuana can be laced with other drugs, but the plant itself contains thc only.

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Q: Are there different other drugs in marijuana?
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How is marijuana different from other drugs?

Marijuana is sometimes smoked with tobacco.

How did the early spanish and Portuguese expeditions change the world?

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Does marijuana show other drugs taken such as extacy?

No. They are completely different chemical processes and will not effect one another on a drug test.

Does marijuana harm you?

Yes, but not as much as other drugs, however, it is sometimes called a "gateway" drug. Users of marijuana may be more likely to abuse other, more harmful drugs.

Mixing marijuana with another drug?

Marijuana is usually safe to mix with other drugs, if you are experienced with both.

Is marijuana addictin?

Marijuana is not addictive in the way that other drugs are. Instead it is psychologically addicting. Which means that your brain thinks you need it when you don't. The only time it is physically addictive is when it is laced with other drugs

What is the impact of mixing marijuana with other drugs?

Your mom with your ad in bed

Did Cyndi Lauper take drugs?

Yes, during her younger years. Cyndi experimented with marijuana and other drugs.

Does marijuana increase your chances of psychosis?

No. Marijuana is guaranteed to do exactly the opposite unless someone adds other drugs to it.

What are the different kinds of narcotics?

Narcotic drugs range from prescription medications, to illegal street drugs. Narcotic drugs include codeine, marijuana, morphine, heroine, and amphetamine.

Do drugs have benefits?

No not EVEN Marijuana! No not EVEN Marijuana!

What are alternates of marijuana?

Kinda vague. Like other drugs or other activities. Go drink or something.