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That is a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be a symptom of PMS. Wait until you are late and take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor now. Breast tenderness isn't a sure sign of pregnancy.

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Q: Are sore breasts a reliable sign of pregnancy?
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Are sore breasts and nipples always a sign of pregnancy?

If this is not a normal sign before your period this could be pregnancy signs. Are you trying to get pregnant? both times i got pregnant i had sore brest and knew i was pregnate before my period was due by a few days because i was very emotional and had boobs that hurt to touch, so it sound sliek a good sign to me. althoguh each person may experiece different symptoms.

Is sore breasts and bloating signs of early pregnancy?

Sore breasts and bloating can be a sign of pregnancy, but sore breasts can also be a sign your periods due. With the bloating it wouldn't usually occur until about 10wks in pregnancy as you will find yourself constipated which naturally enough would cause you to bloat. When you arrive on your period date you can home test :)

Can you have breast soreness but not be pregnant?

No. Just because your breasts are sore doesn't mean that you are pregnant. When you get your period, your breasts tend to get sore too. Sore breasts aren't the only sign of pregnancy.

When do your breasts start to get tender when your pregnant?

At the time of conception, hormones automatically start changing to assist the development of the growing fetus. Women will notice an enlargement within the first few months of pregnancy, although it may not be much different than the size that occurs during their menstrual cycle.

Can have sore breasts and abdnomal pain plus back pain be a sign of pregnancy?

If there is a missed period, these are the sure signs of pregnancy

What does it mean when breasts are sore?

it could mean your pregnant or your going on you period. that's all i got and I'm only 13 (: Sore breasts are an early sign of pregnancy in women.

At what stage in pregnancy do you get sore breasts?

You will get sore boobs at your early stages of pregnancy.