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Q: Are replacement barrels available for Winchester model 1897 12 gauge?
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Can a 12 gauge browning citori shotgun barrels and forearm be changed as a direct replacement with 20 gauge barrels into the receiver?


Where can you find a replacement field barrel for your Winchester sx3 3 inch chamber?

Winchester field replacement barrels for the Super X3 can be ordered online. Winchester Guns has them and so does Cheaper Than Dirt. They cost from $419 to $549 depending on what gauge you need and what barrel length you want.Ê

Is the barrels on the 16 and the 20 gauge Winchester mod 12 interchangable?

No, the gun is either chambered for one gauge or the other.

Are barrels from Winchester model model 12 year 1946 and 1950 interchanable?

Yes they should be as long as they are the same gauge.

Need to know where to find replacement barrel for Baikal over and under shotgun 410 gauge and if this barrels will fit a spr 310 Russian made Remington 410 gauge shotgun?

SORRY, you will never find any because there are none available !

Are replacement barrels available for Remington 16 gauge Model 11?

Only on the used market. Check on eBay, and in the back pages of gun periodicals like Shotgun News or Gun List.

How do you determine the age of a Winchester 101 shotgun in 12 gauge with 30' barrels and made in japan written on barrels?

When the OLIN Corp. purchased Winchester in the 1960's one of their money saving ideas was to import some firearms from Japan and put the Winchester name on them. Most of the Made in Japan Winchesters are from the 1970's.

Will a Winchester 1300 12 gauge stock fit a Winchester 1400 12 gauge?


If a 12 gauge Model 400 superimposed shotgun was made by Winchester for Sears and would really be a Winchester Model 101 where would you find any reference to Sears or Japan?

Stamped on the receiver and probably the barrels, too.

Will all Winchester Model 1200 barrels fit a 1966 Sears Model 200 shotgun?

The Sears 200 is a Winchester Model 1200 with some minor modifications. Winchester 1200 of the same gauge will fit the Model 200 receiver. Buttstock and trigger group will not interchange.

What year a Winchester model 1400 12 gauge was made serial number 129700?

No sn data available.

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