Are gay people interested in women?

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Gay men are, by definition, not sexually interested in women.

Gay women, usually called lesbians, on the other hand, are sexually interested in women.

Gay men often have women friends, who appreciate being able to relate to men who aren't thinking about them sexually.

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Q: Are gay people interested in women?
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Is there any difference why women are gay and men being gay?

When women are gay, they are interested in other women. When men are gay, they are intersted in other men

How do you meet women interested in women?

Gay dating sites, gay clubs, through friends, work or at the gay pride parade.

What do you call a girl who likes to sleep with gay men?

A homewrecker. Women that have the tendency to get what they know they shouldn't be able to get all fit into the same category. Many women that are highly interested in gay men are likely to be interested in straight women and people with partners (hence the name homewrecker).

Is jarryd hayne gay?

No he is interested in women not men rofl. =)

Why gay people not like women?

Gay women like women.

Is Sasuke gay?

No Sasuke is not gay, he just isn't interested in women. So he might be of the asexual orientation. There are people born with no attractions nor sexual desires whatsoever.

What do people call gay women?

Gay women can also be called lesbians, but the best thing to call them is "women".

How do you get a gay guy to back off of a non gay?

Gay people are human, just like you. Tell them your not interested.

How can you talk to a gay women to let her know I am interested in her life style?

Tell her straight up. Women love honesty...

Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gay?

No. In that respect, he was interested only in women. He had friends of both sexes.

Why gay people hate women?

They don't usually hate them? in fact they usually become friends with them

Are you gay if you're interested in anything that involves interaction with people?

No. You're gay if you are sexually attracted to others of the same sex. Whether or not you are interested in interaction with people has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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