Are gateway drugs illegal

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There are some legal and some illegal for example a few months back I heard of a legal drug which was it is called recently made illegal "spice" apparently there are many different "flavors" and apparently it is the substitute for marijuana because it has the same effects I don't think marijuana is a gateway drug personally, but i believe that this spice may be a gateway drug to marijuana but that is just my opinion

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Q: Are gateway drugs illegal
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Which drug is known as the gateway drug since it can pave the way to harder or more illegal drugs?

estacy. the most illegal one out there.

How is each drug gateway drug?

drugs are not gateway drugs..drugs are the key life.

How can gateway drugs open doors for teenagers?

Personally, I find gate way drugs open doors simply from exposure to the illegal network in which they are bought/sold. Chances are, if you're dealing with illegal drugs, then other ones will often be present and available to you sooner or later. Alcohol and marijuana are two of the most typical gateway drugs, but I guess any illicit substance used first can lead to others.

Why are those drugs called gateway drugs?

A gateway drug is a drug that may lead to using other drugs. Some consider marijuana to be a gateway drug. The reason for that is that marijuana might be illegal for the wrong reasons. Then youth may try marijuana, realize it is not harming them, and become curious about the others, figuring adults lied about them too.

What are the six gateway drugs?

There are no "six gateway drugs." The most known "gateway drug" is Marijuana. However the gateway theory is false, its logic is flawed and it doesn't work.

Why are gateway drugs called gateway drugs?

A gateway drug would be one that has a mild affect, supposedly leaving the user wanting even more potent or dangerous drugs.

Are gateway drugs not as serious as other drugs?


Are gateway drugs are serious as other drugs?


Gateway drugs are not as serious as other drugs?


What are the long term effects of gateway drugs?

Gateway drugs are controlled substances that may lead the user to harder, more dangerous drugs and/or dependence on illicit drugs. They can be legal or illegal, and may lead to addictions, Though the list used to be tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, the list has grown to include other types of drugs. The most common long term effect is addiction and reliance on other drugs.

Are gateway drugs addictive?


What can a gateway drug lead to?

Stronger drugs.

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