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it is harmful during pregnancy

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Q: Are detox solutions harmful to drink during pregnancy?
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Can you use a detox from a smoke shop during pregnancy?

i dont know can you?

How can you detox during pregnancy?

Maybe liquid clay? its an all natural remedy

How can you detox your system of marijuana during pregnancy?

* *

Is there any safe detox for pregnant women?

The only safe detox during pregnancy is with the supervision of a trained Addictionalogist and OBGYN. Any woman using drugs during pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy, which can endanger the life of the mother and the fetus. Also depending on the drugs being abuse will determine the medication regiment that will be implemented. Strict supervision of vital signs and other symptoms is necessary to determine titration of medications. So get the right help at a detox center or hospital, it is confidential.

Why is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to detox off methadone?

Detoxing off of methadone during pregnancy could cause birth complications and result in a miscarriage.

Are colonic irrigation's harmful when pregnant?

Theoretically you can have a colonic when you are pregnant although most responsible colonic practitioners would not recommend this doing the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy.Always check with your doctor before undergoing this procedure when pregnant.It is certainly preferable whenever possible to have colonics before and after pregnancy (can be great to help you get back in shape post pregnancy) and avoid treatments during the pregnancy itself.If you have a history of miscarriage avoid colonic irrigation during pregnancy.Jane Jarvis (Detox Therapist)

How can you safely detox during pregnancy?

You could stay safe by eating healthy food. Don't use drugs including alcohol. See a special list to have a urine test. Don't have sex again while you are pregnancy. Ask others to follow many good directions to live safely during pregnancy.

What happens if you snort oxycodone during pregnancy?

You run the risk of low birth weight and other developmental problems, and of your baby having to undergo detox -- cold turkey -- during its first hours of life.

Which drugs can kill during detox?


When do you take advanced detox solutions?

The day of your drug test, usually about three hours before reporting.

How do you detox your body fast?

Detox is the process of eliminating harmful substances from the body. Fast detox is achieved via consumption of fruit juice, water and raw vegetables. The individual must avoid solid food for 1 to 5 days.

Where can I find a safe and effective detox diet for women?

The website has a great article about detox diets for women. It gives information about how to detox your body from excessive sugars, saturated fats, and other things that are harmful for your body if consumed in large quantities.

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