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You should ask this question to a qualified medical professional - not an unqualified forum !

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Q: Can you drink detox or fat burn tea while you are pregnancy?
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When on a detox will the body burn stomach fat?


Can you get heart burn with an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy has nothing to do with heart burn.

What is difference between acai burn and acai detox?

There isn't much difference, acai burn has green tea extract which will make it a little more effective. Acai detox is more of a cleanser.

What will happen if you give a hot drink to children?

well,they could drop it and BURN THEMSELVES. or they could burn themselves if they drink it while it is hot then you have to deal with a crying child. JUST GIVE THEM A JUICEBOX.

Can my eyes burn during pregnancy?

Sure, they can if you get something in them but this is not a symptom of pregnancy by any means.

Can the beach be bad for your pregnancy while in the first trimester?

The baby will likely be fine but your skin might be more sensitive and burn more easily

What to drink to burn fat?

Olive oil

What is Taylor Lautners favourite drink?

Teylor lautner lautner favourite drink burn.

What is the advantage of a spinning workout routine if trying to lose pregnancy weight?

It is a constant burning of calories, even after the workout is done. Since you stay in the target heart rate zone for so long, you burn many calories while do it and also have after burn.

What is the thing that you can eat as well drink and burn?


Is burning sensation in the chest is the sign of pregnancy?

It can be. Many women that are pregnant have a burning sensation (heart burn) in there early and later stages. In there early stages it can happen if they eat food or drink acidy drinks. In the later stages the baby pushes your acid up to you chest which also causes heart burn

What if you smoked pot everyday for two years you weigh over 200 pounds but you have not smoked any for two weeks and still come up positive how do you pass a urine drug test?

THC attaches to your fat cells and if your metabolism is slow it is harder to clear it out. My suggestion is to be active, run work out so you can burn the fat cells off. Also drink plenty of fluids, water cranberry juice etc. The more you pee the better, also run because you burn fat cells and sweat alot so it can get out of you system. You can also go to a smoke shop and browse around for a good detox drink or pill. I dont go there often but you will spend 30+ dollars for a legit detox. But the key thing to do is burn the fat cells that the THC is attached to. AND DONT SMOKE IF YOUR TRYING TO GET CLEAN!