Are Randy Orton's tattoo's real

Updated: 9/27/2023
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ya when i saw all of his tattoos when he came back i couldn't believe it. He definitely od'd on the tattoos. They don't look natural. They look ridiculous.

However, he stated in an interview that his new tattoos actually have meaning to him, while his others from before were apparently just random markings he had thought looked cool.

of course they look cool and yes they are real.Cat Alexander at Diablo Ink in High Ridge,MO did ALL of them.

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randy ortons tats are a design mad by randy orton and the wwe made it for him but here is the thign there sleves!FAKE!the tats mean something about his family the rose on his left arm is for his daughter and also has his daughteres birthdate on it.then somewhere on his write arm is a message from his whife

the WWE had nothing to do with his designs. they are custom drawn on his body by CAT ALEXANDER who works at Diablo Ink in High Ridge,MO

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Q: Are Randy Orton's tattoo's real
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